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Large offering of Vertical Machining Centers, in both C-Frame & Double Column Bridge
type configurations and full lie of small to large horizontal slant-bed lathes, up to 15" thru
holes, and 160" long bed lengths. Plus, a full spectrum of small to very large CNC
Vertical Grinding solutions.
Spinner is a German company that manufactures both Machining Centers and Multi-axis
mill/turn machines. They are known for excellence in accuracy and have a multitude of
machines to meet the needs of even the most demanding applications. They also have a
dedicated facility that specializes in providing robotic automation solutions to fit the
customers application.
This is a company that has dedicated its focus on the manufacturing of Vertical Turning
Machines. They have a large variation of table sizes from 15" to 157" to meet your needs,
using extremely heavy duty castings that often exceed anything the competition can offer.
With the availability of twin rams, live milling and pallet changers, they can meet a wide
range of applications.
(713) 460-8881
7308 West Little York Rd. Houston, TX 77040
A specialty Italian builder of high production, high accuracy, multi spindle turning
machines that can meet the most stringent demands for tolerance and surface finish
requirements. The most prevalent builder of ball valve machining/turning machines in the
The largest builder in Taiwan for the manufacturing of Swiss style machines, with 3 models
available with true B-axis machining capability, with bar diameters up to 42mm (1.65"),
amongst a full offering of standard swiss configurations with excellent tooling
This is an Italian manufacturer that focuses on Inverted Spindle Turning centers, where
the chuck can directly pick the parts up from the loading area.  The lathes can be
customized to meet the production demands of the customer, with full automation, and
turn-key capabilities.  These lathes can be fitted with live milling, Y-axis, tailstock and
grinding spindles.
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7308 West Little York
Houston, TX 77040
Multi-axis mill/turn machines, available in single, double and triple turret configurations
and B-Axis tool changing versions available as well. Focusing mainly on FANUC CNC
control systems and providing superior cycle times due to numerous unique design
advantages over the competition.
For over 60 years Gurutzpe has been manufacturing Custom Flat Bed Lathe solutions for
customers from medium size machines to over 120 tons between centers.  These are extremely
flexible machines with interchanagble attachments to meet the most demanding of  applications
for turning, boring, milling, and even grinding for customers.  Multiple carriages, moving
headstocks, and a multitude of fully programmable steady/follow rests are just some of the
solutions provided.